Texting and Driving – Preventing a Tragedy One Teenager at a Time

Texting while driving involves sending, reading and/or composing texts on a cell phone or other electronic device. According to AAA, 46% of teenagers admitted that they have been distracted by texting while driving. While talking on a cell phone and driving can be dangerous enough, texting is even more dangerous because it requires you to look at the device to read and send messages. With an increase in the number of smart phones being sold there will be more and more access to texting. While texting can be convenient and save time it has to be used in the proper time and place which is not while driving. Car accidents are the number one killer of teenagers with hundreds of deaths each year. Many of these deaths could be prevented by keeping driver distractions like cell phones put away.


Only Flood Insurance Will Cover Your Flood Losses

If an individual relies on a homeowners insurance policy to cover whatever flood damage occurs, the result will not be favorable to the property owner. Only flood insurance will cover such losses. Because flood insurance has a 30-day waiting period, property owners should not let an imminent flooding force a decision to obtain this insurance.


Homeowners Insurance Rates Rising

Homeowners insurance rates are on the rise this year, largely driven by losses from significant catastrophes in the U.S. over the past few years, independent insurance agents and an industry expert say.

Pricing is expected to climb 4.5% to 5% on average nationwide, but vary by location, says Robert Hartwig, president of the Insurance Information Institute. Hard-hit areas should expect greater increases, and those that have seen less damage will likely see smaller ones.


New Iowa Fine for Texting and Driving

The fine for texting and driving in the state of Iowa may read $30, but it will cost violators much more than that.  Iowa City Police Sergeant Denise Brotherton said after court costs the fine in Johnson County will come to $120.75.  Police will be authorized to start handing out the fines Friday at midnight.