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As an independent insurance agency, we’re not bound by one set of policies from a single insurance provider. And that gives you choice.

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We do the shopping.

Asset Pros does the shopping for you. We work with our underwriter partners to craft a policy that meets your needs. Because every policy is unique. We understand that your home, auto, boat, motorcycle, RV, airplane, art or jewelry is more than a dollar amount. And we work with you to provide the peace of mind you need.

The experts.

We’ve been together for a long time. Eight of us have been working together since 1988. And in that time we’ve been continually immersed in the insurance industry, constantly working to improve our clients’ policies and provide the coverage they need at an affordable price.

Insurance needs change. For instance, in 1988 identity theft was barely on anyone’s radar. Today, everyone knows someone whose Facebook account was hacked or whose email address was stolen. And stories of decimated credit reports are all over the news.

But did you know you could get coverage for identity theft along with your homeowners insurance? That’s just one affordable program we can discuss that could save you thousands of dollars.

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