Why you need an
insurance review

If you have taken your insurance for granted, or assumed that you are covered, please consider the following:

  1. Flood / Earthquake NOT COVERED on your standard homeowner policy.You may be able to purchase them separately
  2. Water / sewer backup coverage is NOT flood coverage.This covers your personal property if you have a drain backup.
  3. Identity theftIf you don’t have it you need it! Protect your good name from one of the fastest growing crimes in The United States.
  4. Schedule your valuables
    • The standard insurance policy limits the coverage for theft on certain classes of personal property like jewelry or fine arts.
    • There is no deductible on scheduled property, while you must pay your deductible on an unscheduled personal property loss.
  5. Major Life Change When a major change happens in your life — a new home, children, or a divorce — it also affects your insurance.
  6. “Merit Rating”Both home and auto policies are rated based on your insurance score and the type of losses sustained.
  7. Home Business?The standard homeowner policy has very limited business property coverage and no liability coverage in most cases.
  8. Low Auto Limits If you think low limits are saving you money, they’re NOT! In the long run low limits could cost you thousands of dollars!
  9. Rental Car? If you are in an accident with a rental vehicle, will your current company pay for the rental companies’ loss of use? Most don’t!
  10. Buy an Umbrella Policy
    • This is the cheapest way to buy excess liability insurance over your home and auto. $1,000,000 in coverage can be less than $200 per year.
    • Excess underinsured or uninsured liability is available not included. This covers YOUR injuries in an accident if “the other guy” does not have high enough limits.
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